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Brainstorming fresh ideas with post-its on the white board. Can’t wait to see them come to fruition…! 

Brainstorming fresh ideas with post-its on the white board. Can’t wait to see them come to fruition…! 

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Introducing the new Nine Connections!

It’s been a crazy few weeks here at Nine Connections HQ in Amsterdam to have everything ready before the end of this year. So here is our little big surprise for you. We’re extremely proud to have launched last week the new Nine Connections, a web application that is designed to help journalists and social media professionals discover sharable content fast, increase engagement and reach a greater audience.

After trials with The Guardian, The Economist and Persgroep Netherlands, 1000 media companies can now participate in our crowdfunding-style project and take Nine Connection to the next level, becoming the Reuters for social networks.

What’s new?
Newsrooms are at the core of Nine Connections. They can look deep into your Twitter network and find interesting news beyond your first-degree connections.

The Share Factor indicates which articles have been shared by followers and which are currently popular within your Twitter audience. This helps news media professionals to be faster and get a head start on the competition.

Take a look at our beautiful web app, to get a sense of the nine connections experience!


The Nine Connections story

Social media is on the forefront of reader’s choice for breaking news. But many of these news stories are left untold, and unless shared or re-tweeted will remain in a closed circle of friends. Nine Connections is changing that, bringing you not only breaking news but also those rare, off the beaten track news that will come to you - and thus your followers - as a delightful surprise.
Now we are ready to tell the media about our product. Reaching out to bloggers to blog and journalists to spread the word! 

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UXmas cocktail meeting at


(Iris van de Kieft and Peter Boersma - Amsterdam UXmas Cocktail Hours at

Dear UX Enthusiasts,

It’s no exaggeration to say that yesterday’s UXmas cocktail hours meetup was a great success. Big kudos to Peter Boersma, Organizer; Iskander Smit, and Sponsor; Dominiek ter Heide, Bottlenose; and our beloved Iris Van de Kieft, Nine Connections for their excellent and interesting presentations.

The meetup started off with Iskander’s inspiring presentation of big data and emerging concept developments in the radical and relevant now. Next up, second speaker Dominiek, explained lessons learned from the Bottlenose product development. We couldn’t agree more with his advice to ‘release often, launch when ready’. Last but not least Iris, who took us through the nine connections journey from the first launch last year up to the current product, along with the challenges faced and lessons learned. Main points: ‘Don’t be afraid to change the product, find a way to get good access to testers and work with the resources you have’.

It was interesting to see two similar and competing companies present, and in the end the audience raised questions for both speakers.

Nine Connections and Bottlenose are amongst a few emerging apps that aim to solve the problem of information overload, by using semantic analysis or people based trend prediction. We feel that through semantics, readers will get topic related articles, which are relevant for them, but are so focused, to a certain topic that they will miss serendipity. On the other hand, with people-based prediction you are not limited to topics but get news that is about to trend amongst a group of people, which allows for more serendipity. Nevertheless, a combination of the two could also be a very interesting approach, combining the best of both worlds. 

Again, many thanks for the presenters and sponsors from yesterday’s meeting.

Maria Georgiou


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Meet the nine faces: Iris


Face VIII: Iris Van de Kieft

That Nine Connections is well represented internationally comes as no surprise to anyone.

Although Iris has, with her 1.84 meters height, pale skin and blond hair, a typical Dutch appearance, her story has also an overseas influence.

Thanks to her childhood in the US  – ‘which has been priceless,’ as she says – Iris speaks American English fluently. She has been living in Holland (mostly) for the past twenty years, yet managed to find a boyfriend who also grew up in the same area as she did in the US. Their paths almost crossed back then, but in the end it took 20 years and many miles for them to meet. This love story couldn’t be just a coincidence, but it was meant to be!

Since brains have always fascinated Iris, she could have been a neuropsychologist, but fortunately fate pushed her into the Nine Connections way.

As a Product Manager Iris carries a big load: She worked day and night in the past few months in order to make news worth sharing for our website’s launch. Besides that, she is authoritative, punctual and an accurate worker. Managing and multitasking are also words that suit her well. At days when our Office Manager is not in, Iris also takes over the role without any effort.

Actually Iris earns the Oscar for Nine Connections Business Woman of the year!

Next week coming up: Ciska Hagenaars 

By: Marjolein Horst

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